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mcdc: making that matters

Matthew has been enthralled with his environment since a wee boy. At age six he was coaxed into taking a break from rearranging his bedroom furniture long enough to land his first job as a window dresser for a local antique store. From there it's been pretty much continuous building, moving, rebuilding and rearranging until both his curiosity and body are exhausted.


Professionally, Matthew has been building and designing in the residential, commercial and public sectors for the past 20 years. He holds an MBA with a focus on sustainability and has shown a consistent knack for getting involved in interesting city-building projects, bringing his business acumen and keen design sensibility to the table. Some of his most acclaimed work includes management of the interior design of Toronto's Evergreen Brick Works, the design and build-out of the Centre for Social Innovation in New York City, and the founding of Design by Nature, an annual not-for-profit sustainable design competition based in Toronto. 


Matthew lives in Toronto with his wife, pooch and young daughters.  In their spare time, they can be found wandering parks searching for errant balls, wandering their house looking for a quiet place to sleep, or aimlessly wandering.

It's true they never met a road-trip they didn't love.


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