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mcdc is built on

the belief that communities

build better spaces

& collaborative

spaces build

better communities



matthew cohen design collective is a design and build company dedicated to creating sustainable spaces for clients who are making the world a better place. Founded in New York City in 2012, today the firm works internationally with a talented network of makers and artisans to craft authentic spaces of which no two are alike.


Built on the belief that communities build better spaces and collaborative spaces build better communities, mcdc creates environments that acknowledge the challenges of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.  Spaces to engage, collaborate, reconsider how we work, play, and live together.  To do all this without taking ourselves too seriously – this is the delicate balance we seek.


Today mcdc is a broad network of professionals united in our dedication to responsible design and to celebrating the local environment. We are not interior designers or decorators. We are business people, sustainability experts, craftspeople, and builders who create spaces that reflect our shared values, our respect for the planet and our appreciation of history.

mcdc: making that matters

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