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Dedicated to fostering a future of efficient, abundant, accessible transportation for the modern urban context, TransitCenter is an organization close to our hearts, and one who is working towards societal-scale improvements important for us all.  With a mutual admiration dating back to our Centre for Social Innovation days, TransitCenter came to mcdc at the beginning of its real estate search for office space in Manhattan. Together we envisioned an open, collaborative, flexible work environment that would prove to turn a cubicle divided, mid-century Wall Street location on its head. 


Starting from first principles in order to understand the character and specific needs of the group, we drew our design inspiration from the ethos of the organization and its work. Thoroughly modern, studied, meticulously planned, and environmentally progressive were some of the design credos that emerged and were adhered to throughout the project. The result is an office space beaming with light, openness, and flexible yet independent spaces.  Staff enjoy ample opportunities to work together or seek privacy; cozy up in a lounge chair or stand and work at one of the several communal gathering spots; host a board meeting for 16 or remove the walls and invite 80 in for a policy speech. In the end, the space is testament to the outstanding work of its inhabitants and the vital nature of their objectives.



© 2016 Photographs by MCDC


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