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The Centre for Social Innovation came to us with a tall challenge: to develop a new design language that could both represent and inspire the rich, varied community it would serve.  As a global home for the social change movement, the office aspired to be a showcase for what social progress can look like when mapped onto a physical space.  In terms of the messaging it conveyed, the collaboration it inspired, the materials with which it was made, and the lasting story it would tell – high ambitions prevailed for designing the future home of social innovation. 


mcdc set about transforming 25,000 square feet of raw industrial loft space in Chelsea’s Starrett-Lehigh building into an energetic environment reflective of the progressive mandate of its inhabitants. Through its celebration of history, reinvention of salvaged materials, and championing of New York artisans and designers, the project exemplified the very spirit of collaboration it sought to promote. 


A special home for amazing people: all working everyday to make the world a better place.


© 2014 Photographs by Sandy Nicholson 


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